** New Look for justdv8.com **

As you can see, DV8 has relaunched our website with a new look, a better calendar, and more information for our fans.

First off and most importantly, the Show Calendar section now gives you more information from a glance.  Simply roll over a date to get immediate information.  If you click on the date or the pop-up you’ll get a new page with a Google map of the venue’s location.  Additionally if you click on the “ADD” button below the 3 dates on the home page, you can subscribe to our calendar.  Future dates and changes will automatically sync with your calendar!

We’ve upgraded the Band Bio section so you can learn more about who we are.  We’ll also be adding some live sound files as they become available.  Just follow the links at the top of the site to get there.

Thanks again everyone for your patience and support.  We appreciate you all so much!  If you have any suggestions for anything, just let us know.