Kathy Laverde
Bass Guitar

Kathy Laverde’s story is truly one of musical passion, good karma, and being in the right place at the right time.  It’s also is confirmation that hard work really can pay off.

Kathy moved to Cincinnati with her family in 2006.  While out enjoying the Cincinnati nightlife she discovered DV8 and became a huge fan.  She also became a fast friend of many in the band.  She shared a love of music and performance even though she never played an instrument before, and was struck by Chuck Reed’s ability to play, sing and simply have so much fun on stage.

She also befriended some people around her neighborhood who got together to jam in their basements.  She picked up the bass guitar and slowly but surely found out that she had a knack for not only playing it, but was able to pick out many of the parts of the songs she listened to and loved.  Over a very short time she could play fairly proficiently, and found she was having a LOT of fun doing it.  And just for fun she learned many of the songs on DV8’s set list.  She was even invited to play a song or two with the band at one of the shows, and performed exceptionally well.

A few months later, Chuck took ill and Kathy was asked to stand in at the last minute.  Although extremely nervous and apprehensive, Kathy stepped up and played the show in its entirety.  She played so well in fact that she was later asked to be our go-to sub bassist.  Kathy learned the rest of the bands material and made it possible for DV8 to perform over the last couple of years.

Music must run in the family, as her son Daniel Laverde became an amazing drummer at a very young age.  Few people will forget Mother and Son playing Led Zeppelin at the first Play On Benefit with Shut Up And Drive.  Daniel continued to improve and has recently been accepted as the drummer for recording artist Mick Blankenship.

Special musical moment: “The entire 2 1/2 years with DV8…it’s been like one big Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.”

Quote:  “Age is no barrier. It is a limitation you put on your mind.”  Jackie Joyner Kersee