Kathy Nicosia Laverde

The DV8 family would like to recognize the contributions of this special woman and friend.  It’s a story of friendship, discovery, and selflessness that this world needs a lot more of these days.

Her friendship to Chuck and Melissa Reed and the rest of the band led her to discover not only a passion but a talent for music and bass guitar.  Over a very short period she developed that talent and started playing with friends, then with local group Shut Up And Drive.

When Chuck became ill and his ability to play became at times questionable Kathy showed not just her newly discovered talent, her true friendship and grace by sitting in during those times when we needed her.  This allowed Chuck the ability to play as much as he could.  For quite some time Kathy was there on standby and never played – yet she was always happy to do whatever was required.  After Chuck’s untimely passing, she allowed DV8 to seamlessly continue our busy schedule.

Kathy filled a unique and sometimes difficult position for us so selflessly.  DV8 would like to say “thank you” for everything you’ve done for us, and we wish you nothing but the best moving forward.